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February 5th, 2005

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04:39 pm - The Hunt
I'm sitting here on the freshly vacuumed and Fabreezed rug in my spotless, very good smelling living room listening to "Roxy Music" while I wait to show my apartment to a few people that are supposed to arrive within an hour or so. I'm praying for non-knuckle dragging guys and keeping my fingers crossed that the two girls that are supposed to look at the place won't be Emo trend whores or Fairfax ragee wanna-be dippy hippies. We want: Normal normal normal normal normal normal normal normal. (Or at least something that appears to be sane, perhaps?)

Is it too much to ask to find someone to live here who does dishes after they cook, knows how to wash their hair, tries not to have grunting sex with their significant other all the time, goes to bed by one AM, isn't sleeping on the couch every time I walk in and can hold a steady job? Gaak I want this over with. I hate trying to decide if you want to live with someone, see their face every morning/evening, and shit in the same toilet with them every day after having a shallow 15 minute conversation.

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhffffffffffff...Let's just get this done.
Current Mood: nervouswaiting.
Current Music: Roxy Music - Love is The Drug.

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